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GMC + Call of Duty | Touch Grass

Series Teaser


Catching the world's greatest gamers in the heat of the season, we help them get away for a beat and reconnect with nature.  Cross promotion between Call of Duty and GMC HUMMER EV.  Hosted by Miles Ross.  Shot on location in Toronto, Boston, Dallas and Los Angeles.  Made for Activision Blizzard and Artifact Studios as part of Call of Duty League broadcast package.

Touch Grass | Champs

Multi-major winning champ Accuracy of Seattle Surge joins us for a Crabwalk.

Touch Grass | Toronto

Toronto Ultra Rookie of the Year Scrap goes 0 to 60 in 3 seconds to demo Watts to Freedom.

Touch Grass | Los Angeles

LA Thieves' back-to-back MVP Kenny joins us to go offroading in an avocado orchard.

Touch Grass | Dallas

New face of Optic Texas Shotzzy goes for a ride in a self-driving HUMMER EV.

Touch Grass | Boston

League legend Methodz plays Call of Duty at World's End using HUMMER EV's built-in wifi.

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