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Cedars-Sinai | Leadership in Action

Brand film


We created this history of the Cedars-Sinai Board of Governors to screen at SOFI Stadium, home of the LA Rams.  Our task was to convey the vast scope and scale of the philanthropy group's accomplishments in a trailer length film.  

A timeline of sculptural glass highlights milestones in precision medicine and individual care.  The virtual menagerie culminates in the campus of Cedars-Sinai hospital, which builds in the background as the Board of Governors Chairs carry on with their work.


The live action segment of the film was shot on an LED stage in Los Angeles with a cast of eighteen, nine Board of Governors members and nine extras, using real time environments designed and animated in Unreal Engine.  



In virtual production, visual effects assets can be utilized as actual set design elements.  We extended the glass sculpture aesthetic of the 3D timeline to create a virtual set for the live action sequence.  The virtual set was designed and animated in Unreal Engine prior to the shoot. 

We transferred the virtual set to an LED volume on the stage to capture the final sequence live in camera on the day of the shoot.

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