CEDARS-SINAI | Creating Space

Client: Cedars-Sinai 

Production Company: Effie Studios

In March 2020, we were in prepro on a live action version of this project just as the pandemic hit. So we went back to the drawing board with the creative, and presented an animated concept that retained a focus on inclusivity central to the story.  


During prepro, we interviewed key stakeholders who would have appeared in the original live action version. By incorporating their various points of view, we developed a script rooted in genuine perspectives and warmed with a conversational, informative tone.  


We used a construction paper cut-out look with real world textures to ground the animated approach.  And we built production around an agile system with several rounds of review at each stage of design and asset creation that allowed us to pivot and incorporate stakeholder notes throughout.  


Since the project revolved around themes of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the approach of incorporating many voices throughout the process reflected and amplified the emphasis on inclusivity and belonging in the final piece.   As a result, we ultimately found that the animated approach was a more effective way to tell this particular story.



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