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20th Century Studios | Life of Goldie


In the movie Free Guy, a bank teller played by Ryan Reynolds realizes he's a background character in a video game.  He starts every day the exact same way-- feeding his pet goldfish Goldie and casually walking to work through a hyper violent war zone. 


This short film for 20th Century Studios imagines a day in the life of the goldfish, idly swimming while the chaos of life plays outside his window, a microcosm of Guy's life before the events of the movie.


To create Goldie's world, we combined tabletop cinematography with virtual production.  A live action goldfish swims in a virtual room with the chaotic environment outside the window created in Unreal Engine.  Keeping with the video game theme, the point of view is locked in fish cam view, where players can check in on Goldie as he whiles away his day.

Full film

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