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Honda | Enchanted Odyssey



In this broadcast spot, a family traveling in a Honda Odyssey passes through a mountain tunnel that magically transforms into an enchanted odyssey through Disneyland.  Effie was brought in to design and execute the enchanted odyssey.  We created the sequence virtually in preproduction and captured the car's journey in-camera on an LED stage.



We created a scale 3D version of the stage to previsualize the tunnel sequence with real world measurements and camera specifications.  This allowed us to determine the position of the car on the stage, the placement of the camera inside the car, the lens focal length and focal distance to the LED screens for each shot prior to the shoot.  

As we generated the virtual exteriors for the enchanted journey, we tested them on the scale model stage to gauge the speed of the car as the exteriors passed by the window. 

We finalized the sequence in preproduction and transferred the virtual exteriors to LED screens on the live action stage to capture final pixel in camera on the day of the shoot.

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