HONDA | Enchanted Odyssey


Technical Direction, Visual Effects: Effie Studios

Agency: Kissd



In this broadcast spot, a family traveling in a Honda Odyssey passes through a mountain tunnel that transforms into an enchanted vision of Disneyland.   


Effie Studios was brought in to design and execute the tunnel sequence.  The plan was to shoot the sequence virtually, capturing the enchanted journey in-camera on a sound stage with an LED grid array that surrounded the car on three sides.  


The challenge was that this was at the height of the first wave of the pandemic, so we had a limited crew and no time on the stage before the shoot.

In lieu of time on the stage prior to the shoot, we had a Vectorworks model of the LED array.  We used the model to create a scale version of the stage in 3D.

stage with projection.jpg


Creating a virtual version of the set to scale allowed us to pre-visualize the tunnel sequence with real world measurements and camera specifications.


For each shot, we could predetermine the exact position of the car on the stage, the placement of the camera inside the car, and camera focal length.


Most importantly, we could determine the perceptual speed of the car as the animated exteriors passed by the windows.   The animated exteriors were created using a combination of original animation, animating stills from Disneyland, and footage from the park...


...with the exception of the hyperspace element, which was provided direct from LucasFilm.