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Hyundai | Engineering Story


Twelve-part campaign to introduce tech innovations in the Elantra and Sonata.  Shooting on a stage with a limited footprint, we crafted custom LED elements to extend the scope of the set and give each entry in the campaign a distinct look.  In order to ensure maximum production efficiency on a tight timeline, we shot the entire campaign virtually in preproduction, dialing in a camera map that we then transferred to motion control cameras on set.



Creating a virtual version of the set to scale in pre-production allowed us to previsualize and get approvals for each shot of the 12-minute campaign prior to the shoot.  We arrived on set with the camera placement, focal length and focal distance of each shot pre-determined. 


Using motion control cameras for our live action shoot, we were able to precisely replicate virtual camera specifications in the real world scenario.  Below are virtual previsualizations next to their live action counterparts.

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