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I’m not a techie. Here’s why I’m a producer who loves virtual production.

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

I don’t get pixel pitch. I can’t tell you how many LED tiles make a cabinet, or whether camera tracking is inside out. To understand how virtual production works, I look to my partner, Allen, who explores how next-gen tech can level up the way we tell any brand story. But I am fascinated by all the efficiencies and possibilities available in the virtual production workflow. When I’m talking to brands, agencies and other creative partners, here a few reasons why I advocate for this approach:

Pitch Capabilities: Virtual production front loads a tremendous value during the earliest phase of engagement. To convey our creative vision and execution, we use real time 3D visualizations-- often animated, scored and cut to time-- that we generate in a video game engine. And it’s time efficient. We’ve delivered these renders within two days of receiving a brief.

PreViz Efficiencies: In virtual production, pre-production is essentially production. Prior to the shoot, we can dial in the exact set, camera, lenses, angles and sequencing that we will use on the actual shoot with precise, real world specifications. This workflow establishes a solid pathway to maximum collaboration and alignment with agency and client.

Creative Control: During production on an LED stage, I still watch with awe as the world transforms into a one to one recreation of the previsualization assets. We can also see a real- time, in-camera capture of this world through the monitor, leaving nothing to be keyed or composited in post.

Production Logistics: I’m happy to chime in with stories about virtual production saving the shoot day. On a car shoot we produced in Los Angeles early this year, it rained the entire day. Had we planned a traditional location shoot, we would have had to reschedule. Instead, we shot the day out early. Clients were dry and happy too.

Infinite Possibility: Virtual filmmaking has progressed to the point where the line between what’s virtual and what’s real is honestly no longer relevant. Live action, VFX and real-time animation blend seamlessly to create a new era of filmmaking that provides exponential cost savings and limitless options.

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