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  • Sarah Colombo

“Effie” is derived from a Greek name meaning “well spoken.”

Updated: Jun 3

When we founded our boutique production company in Los Angeles almost 10 years ago, we named it Effie as a nod to the first street we lived on in Silver Lake, when we were just starting our careers as a writer/producer and director/editor. The name Effie still speaks well of us today, and it represents more than 20 years of combined experience as storytellers and nearly a decade as creative partners of Effie Studios | Creative Production Studio.

We create content that speaks well to your audience. As storytellers with a vast range of capabilities, we are well-versed in live action, animation, visual effects and motion graphics, and have been early adopters of next-gen tech such as virtual production and AI to push creative boundaries and budget efficiencies.

We also speak transparently, using our agile production method to scale according to the project scope, not to cover an extensive overhead. We learn how to speak the language of your agency or brand’s culture, and we become fluent in your creative strategy and workflow. When you work with Effie, you speak directly to us. From the pitch stage through finishing, Allen Colombo and I stay intimately connected through every facet of production.  

Our takeaway isn’t just the work, we let that speak for itself. It’s the clients whose partnerships we treasure. So they speak well of us too.

Effie Studios 2024 Reel

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